Reimagining Venture Capital

Digitech Venture Capital Fund, Inc. was formed to make strategic seed and venture investments in technology companies that will define our world in the years to come.

Digitech leverages a strategic venture capital investing model for tomorrow’s technology. Our Fund intends to revolutionize the world of venture capital funding for technology companies by making venture capital investments available to non-traditional investors.

The Fund’s technology investments will largely be industry agnostic, but will target key sectors. Our target deal segments include the following:

  • IT Software
  • Healthcare IT
  • Data Analytics and Cyber Security

When sourcing potential deals and screening investment opportunities, we focus on companies that have innovative approaches to manage data (e.g. software, Software-as-a-Service, and other content platforms), have found game changing approaches to leverage IT and software to meet growing healthcare needs and demands (e.g. Healthcare IT), and technology specifically designed to analyze and secure the rapidly growing digital information age (e.g. big data, analytics, artificial intelligence and cyber security).

The Fund will also invest in other technology-related fields on a deal-by-deal basis, primarily for synergistic or vertical integration opportunities.