Digitech and CTAN Close Seed Round with Renovate Simply

AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Digitech Venture Capital Fund, Inc. (Digitech), Central Texas Angel Network (CTAN) and a number of angel investors close Renovate Simply’s seed round to help you renovate your home.

Renovate Simply, an Austin based technology startup, wants to build “Simply A Better Way to Renovate.” Jumping into the growing number of marketplace businesses that want to make it easier for you to find the right service provider, Renovate Simply helps homeowners both budget their renovation projects and connect them with trusted contractors just by answering a few easy questions online.

After years of renovating homes, founder Will Mitchell was frustrated by the amount of time he spent reviewing and clarifying bids from contractors. Existing websites promising to connect homeowners to contractors were unable to detail a project’s estimated cost. Determined to fill the gaps left by other companies, Renovate Simply was created to provide a hassle-free way for homeowners to both set a realistic budget and find a reliable contractor.

“Finding a good reliable contractor is a frustrating process. This is not because good contractors are not out there or because the good ones are all busy,” Mitchell said. “The fact is that most homeowners have no idea who the right contractor is for them and reviews are not tailored to an individual homeowner’s needs. Our platform allows for homeowners to find a contractor uniquely qualified and excited about their project, which benefits everyone involved.”

“We were impressed with Will’s understanding of the market, his unique niche and his ability to generate revenue so quickly with a much needed solution,” says Digitech CEO Paul Watson. “This also represents an amazing opportunity as we expand our portfolio of digital solutions for the residential home market like other VC leaders from Peter Thiel to Solamere Capital.”

Renovate Simply is currently focused on growth and expansion of their offerings in Austin, and will soon expand throughout Texas, then nationally. Are you ready to Renovate Simply? Download our iOS app or visit our online, mobile platform today!

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