Austin, Texas-based Speachme, a micro-learning and peer-to-peer knowledge transfer platform, has raised $2.2 million in funding. The investor was Alven Capital Partners.


AUSTIN, Texas – September 27, 2016 – speachme, a new micro-learning and peer-to-peer knowledge transfer platform, today announced the launch of its U.S. operations, based out of Austin, Texas. The company, which was started in France two years ago, currently provides its platform for global brands such as Tesla, Airbus, PwC, Nissan and Coca-Cola. speachme has recently established its U.S. operations and is actively recruiting team members in Austin to fill several open positions. speachme has also secured $2.2 million in new funding for the U.S. expansion, backed by Paris-based venture capital firm Alven Capital Partners.

“speachme is a total departure from traditional online training programs and learning management systems. We put the user in the driver’s seat of content creation, and our platform allows workers – on the shop floor or in the office – to capture and share technical skills and physical gestures in a completely innovative way,” said speachme Chief Executive Officer Najette Fellache. “The innovation and unique needs of the manufacturing and industrial business sectors has been a primary driver for the expansion of our operations. And basing the company in Austin is a strategic move – the city has long been a center of innovation and often breaks with convention. We share this DNA and look forward to contributing to the thriving local business community.”

speachme’s target U.S. customers include major brands in the automotive and airline industries, food service, and manufacturing – many of which need to train large numbers of employees, 10,000 or more.

The speachme platform – which includes customizable options for building multi-media and highly sensory content – is ideally suited for peer-to-peer sharing of technical and physical skills. Unlike traditional employee training programs and learning management systems, the speachme user drives content generation through an interactive, intuitive, rich media interface.

“The Center for Creative Leadership found that 70% of workplace learning comes from real, on-the-job experiences. Compare that to only about 10% coming from formal, structured training programs. This finding is the basis for our innovative model for skills-based learning and knowledge transfer,” said Kader Garnier Aw, Chief Operating Officer of speachme. “At speachme, we believe that employees should be empowered to train and learn from each other on-demand and in the moment, versus relying solely on classroom-style or online slideshow learning methods.”

The platform is simple and intuitive, designed to be used from any location or device. Managers and workers design “knowledge capsules” – learning modules designed for the way today’s workforce consumes and retains information – through short bursts of interactive visual content. Capsules can be created and shared by anyone, in minutes. speachme provides tools to record audio, video, audio with slides, screencast and enables you to mix multiple types of media to create compelling, interactive content. Managers and workers can monitor the reach and effectiveness of a speach with data and analysis through the speachme dashboard.

The platform is ideal for manufacturing companies that are often required to train large number of employees, but not all at the same time or in the same place. Sometimes the training needs to be deployed in small groups of workers, or in the case with seasonal labor, before peak periods of activity. “The skills transfer between workers relies on a keen understanding of important technical procedures,” said Garnier Aw. “The physical gestures that perform these procedures are not easily captured in standard training tools or manuals. speachme’s “trainer’s-eye” point of view allows the trainee to virtually and visually shadow the trainer through every step of the procedure. This approach, combined with our multi-media interface, is unlike any other solution available.”

speachme’s solutions are immediately available in the U.S. For more information, to set up a demo or to learn more about pricing, please visit

About speachme
speachme is a micro-learning and peer-to-peer skills and knowledge transfer platform, with over 500,000 users across 3 continents. We empower employees and contractors to create brief and intuitive “knowledge capsules” – short bursts of interactive visual content that can be created by anyone within minutes – in order to quickly transfer technical skills to their peers and direct-reports across multiple work locations. Our solution is ideal for companies with large numbers of employees, including those that frequently rely on short-term contract labor. Among our clients are Fortune 500 brands like Tesla, Airbus, Coca-Cola, PwC, Schneider Electric, Nissan and General Electric.